Ever try to get a bubble envelope printed?  It’s not an easy thing to find.

Bubble mailers are thick and not easy to feed through a conventional printing press.  So most companies don’t even bother.  Or if they do, you generally have to order a large quantity minimum before they will even talk to you.

One of the benefits of our merger with Elite Envelope & Graphics has been that we are able to offer our customers more products and services.  Several years ago Elite came up with a way to print standard paper bubble envelopes on a conventional Jet press.  There were some tweaks involved, but we can offer printed bubble envelopes up to two colors on a range of standard sizes that you’ll find listed here

On the stock sizes, the print image needs to be kept to a minimum since you will get some deflated bubbles where the print blanket meets the envelope; that’s unavoidable.  But with a corner card (simple logo and return address) or an image not much larger, the amount of bubble degradation is relatively small and doesn’t affect the utility of the piece.

Printed Bubble Envelopes from Quality for shipping products that need a little extra care.

If you do need something printed with full color or heavy coverage over a significant portion of the envelope, Quality Envelope has you covered.  Elite has come up with its unique Smart Bubble product. We can print on most any kind of paper envelope or Tyvek or Herculink if you prefer something waterproof and tear-resistant.  And after printing, we insert a removable bubble sleeve that fits snugly inside the envelope.  This is “smart” for several reasons. First, it allows virtually unlimited options for printing as opposed to the somewhat limited options on printing a stock envelope.  Secondly, it allows for a variety of different stock options.  And thirdly, after the envelope is received the bubble sleeve can be removed and reused or recycled. Or it can be used to store the item that was shipped in case it still needs protection.

Quality Envelope can provide any of these products in small quantities at reasonable prices. There is no minimum. We’ve done jobs with as few as a hundred.

These days with the explosion of small internet companies that do their own fulfillment, bubble envelopes are often a preferred and less expensive alternative to boxes depending on the item being shipped.

So, if you need a printed bubble envelope, give us a call at 781 961 1800 or send an e mail to Karen Chabot, Karen@Eliteenvelope.com .   Regardless of which style you might purchase, you’ll be smart!