Web Printing at Quality Envelope.

Web presses have typically been thought of for financial printing (prospectuses, disclosures) and one or two-color work that doesn’t require high-quality printing. While they are still great for that type of work, the newer models feature outstanding print quality in either process or spot colors. The presses can accommodate stock weight from 30# newsprint up to 9 point hi-bulk (which translates roughly to 97# text)

Here are some products that are tailor made for web printing presses

  • 8 page, 12- or 16-page newsletters
  • Collateral material such as bind in cards, blow in cards, application forms.
  • Items that are related to direct mail or complete direct mail packages.
  • Placemats, small brochures, letterheads, buck slips, reply cards, newsletters on both white and newsprint paper.  
  • Anything perforated.
  • Multi part business forms with carbon or NCR carbonless paper.

Letterheads are also run very economically on web presses.  In general, the quantities where this makes sense are 20,000 and up.  If you’re a large firm such as a bank or insurance company where multiple staff members require their own personalized letterhead, it makes sense to order them all at once in bulk to get the best price.  For best price, the letterheads should have no bleeds (printing that runs to the edge of the paper) which allows them to be cut as they come off the press.

Web Printing at Quality EnvelopeAnother category of items that are generally an excellent fit for the web press are printed statements and invoices.  These generally are letter-size (8 ½ x 11) and sometimes have a tear-off portion for the customer to return with their payment.

Any kind of letter size or legal size sheet (also known as “cut sheets” in the trade) in larger quantities (15,000 and up) work well on web presses.  Also, many direct mail packages can be printed and produced completely on the web press – letter, brochure, buck slip, reply card and even the envelope depending on how it’s printed.

Web printing at Quality Envelope

Quality Envelope & Printing is a direct source for web printing in addition to envelope printing.